Your Waste Reduction Solution

“Our leadership team has decades of combined experience in commercial property management, waste industry solutions, and financial expertise.”

DEBORAH LENDERMAN, became a partner with SSG in November of 2012. Deborah served in the Commercial Real Estate Industry for 20 years in property management, leasing and was a partner in a commercial real estate management company, managing a 200 million dollar revenue portfolio for a Canadian based company out of Ontario. During 1996 she became a partner in building International Environmental Management. As the Executive Vice President, she was instrumental in the growth and operation of building this nationaly acclaimed company across 45 states helping lead IEM to becoming the largest waste/recycling management company in the retail commercial industry until it sold in 2006 to Charter House and then to New Mountain Capital, 2007 .She has worked and maintained relationships with CBL, General Growth, Westfield, Macerich, Vornado, Simon, Taubman, Horizon, PREIT, JLL as Clients of IEM.

TOM SHEEHAN, joined SSG as an additional partner during May 2013 to focus on the growth and structure of Sustainable Solutions Group, LLC. Prior to joining SSG, Tom served as Regional Manager for ERMC, working with GGP & CBL teams on janitorial, maintenance, and security aspects of property management. Tom’s background includes a tour of duty with Waste Management, where he developed and implemented reverse-logistics solutions for national clients, including Glimcher, Simon and other national commercial owners. Tom’s sustainability platforms created turnkey solutions shopping center REITs and their retailer partners. Earlier in his career, Tom held various sales management roles with Pepsi and Kraft Foods.

Departments inside SSG:

Regional Directors: Operating in 33 states, managing and directing the waste reduction of properties within their region. SSG has a network of Directors to oversee the day to day operations of each property’s program. They focus on minimizing waste and maximizing recycling opportunity. They work with your mall team and your tenants in training all involved on the separation of waste from recycling. Professional material is handed out as they visit each tenant at every property.

Inside Operations: Handling the daily recording of calls and service output of each property in detail. All hauls and repairs are monitored, recorded and measured for efficiency and reporting.

Procurement: Researching and designing equipment for properties. Interviewing, bidding and selecting the vendors for each property then managing the contracted responsibilities.

Accounting Department: Professionally managing all invoicing/ collections and tenant billing. Our process maintains consistent invoicing monthly, payment of vendor’s monthly and strong emphasis on collections of all income. All tenants are handle with courtesy and in a timely manner.

Auditing: Accounting will review each invoice and audit for accuracy against our monitory/reporting system before payment. Billing errors are found monthly in the invoices sent by hauling companies. Our job is to question and pay for only what is serviced on you property.

Reporting: All reporting generated out of the Waste Reduction Program (WRP) will be detailed and designed per each customer’s specification.

For further information contact SSG:

Toll Free: (877) 296-7898 or

Sustainable Solutions Group has developed a reputation to do “whatever it takes” to create customer satisfaction. SSG is working hard to be the only solution when it comes to recycling and waste reduction in this industry.

We hope you will give us an opportunity to serve your company and produce the results that will make a difference in creating a responsible greener environment.