What We Do

“We represent some of the largest national property owners in the country, many spanning multiple states.”


SSG focuses on reducing our clients’ overall waste expenses by designing custom, site-specific Waste Reduction Programs. Tailored to meet each individual client’s needs, we optimize pick ups, negotiate local haul rates, decrease landfill waste with optimized recycling, and offset expenses through rebates. All property equipment is evaluated for placement, size efficiency and aesthetics, and is upgraded or replaced accordingly. The SSG program includes all equipment.


All reports generated from the Waste Reduction Program (WRP) will be detailed and designed per each client’s specification. Our online reporting provides access for tracking all commodities and tonnage for each haul. Your property personnel can view “up to the minute” data on hauls, repairs and other activity, from their own desktop PC or mobile device. All waste and recycling material removed from your property are recorded in custom waste summaries and provided to your management personnel on a quarterly basis.


SSG professionally manages all invoicing, collections and direct-tenant billing. We provide consistant monthly invoicing and vendor payments, while placing a strong emphasis on collections of all income. Our automated billing system and advanced auditing procedures are carefully designed to accurately and fairly bill each one of your tenants for their particular waste services.


Accounting will review and audit each invoice for accuracy, and compare it to our monitory and reporting system before payment is made. SSG will track changes in occupancy and tiered usage of shared services in order to ensure fair and accurate billing for your tenants. Our auditing team will cross-check any discrepancies and notify the appropriate personnel most qualified to resolve the issue.


SSG monitors each and every pull from our corporate headquarters. We ensure the accuracy of each pull by requiring verification of all hauls and tonnages. SSG contracts and maintains on-going communications with waste and recycling providers in order to achieve the greatest recycling rebates and cost opportunities. We interview, bid and select vendors for each property, then manage their contracted responsibilities.


SSG provides comprehensive, yet easy to understand educational materials to help tenants learn and implement new waste program changes and improvements. Our tenant training professionals are readily available to provide thorough one-on-one instruction on site.