Mall Waste Management Program

Shopping Centers and other retail providers have become a staple in in our culture. Millions of individuals are visiting shopping centers and they, the customer, are also generating a streams of trash.

Solid waste is an issue for all retail facilities across the U.S and globally. The rising cost in disposal rates across the United States is constantly rising. How a shopping center manages its waste can directly affect a centers bottom line.

Mall Waste Management Services

Sustainable Solutions Group is aware that that each mall and shopping center encounters different challenges and circumstances in setting up a successful waste program. SSG will work with you and develop an appropriate plan to help increase your bottom line.

How we can help:

  • Analyze your current situation
  • Make recommendations
  • Implement New Programs
  • Maximize your current Equipment
  • Tenant Training
  • Negotiate Haulers Rate and Contracts
  • Handle all invoicing-billing
  • On-line waste reporting by property and portfolio