Mall Recycling Program

Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) will help your mall strategically develop and implement an effective recycling program.

SSG will conduct a waste audit to evaluate recycling opportunities within your shopping center. At this point SSG will determine which materials are recyclable in your area. Depending upon your market, recyclables and opportunities may vary from region to region and by community. SSG will help to determine these opportunities after the audit is performed. As states have and are continuing to pass mandates that require commercial recycling, some local governments are seeing the benefits and encourage recycling. SSG can help you determine all possibilities related to your recycling needs.

How SSG can help:

  • Perform Audit
  • Establish Baseline Data
  • Identify Recycling opportunities at property
  • Determine Logistics of the collection program at shopping center
  • Research availability of recycling within community
  • Selecting hauling and recycling contractors
  • Educating tenants, shopping center staff and janitorial provider
  • Keep records and evaluating the success of program
  • Implement goals for diversion rates

SSG can help you recycle:

  • Cardboard
  • Food Waste
  • Paper,Plastic, Metal, Aluminum (Mixed Recycling)
  • Universal Waste
  • Oil