Commercial Recycling Programs

SSG can help design your commercial real estate recycling program. Managing over 5 million square feet of office space, SSG has developed and implemented customized recycling programs for its CRE clients.
In the office environment, most of the waste produced is primarily paper and plastics. With SSG you can be assured that our knowledge and experience will maximize all opportunities to re-capture these commodities.
We will design a plan that is right for your office and your tenants. We will provide on-site training, work with your janitorial staff to implement the correct procedures, and provide an effective way to segregate as much material as possible.

Commercial Recycling Solutions

In today’s office there are a multitude of items that can be recycled, such as cell phones, computers, fluorescent light bulbs, paper products, printer cartridge and batteries. With our state of the art on-line reporting system, SSG can help you track your progress whether for LEED certification or corporate sustainability, so you know where your program stands.

Commercial Recycling Services

Let SSG become your one source provider in developing your program.
Please see the below case study where SSG successfully implemented a multi-tenant program:

Case Study 1:

Multiple locations in a portfolio. Each location’s equipment consisted of one recycling compactor and one 8yd front end container for trash. A great start, however, the property’s recycling compactors were 100% contaminated with trash, derailing the portfolio’s program.

After reviewing audit results and performing after-hours site visits with the janitorial staff, SSG has:

1. Restored all recycling loads to an acceptable level of less than 10% contamination,
2. Right-sized 8yd trash containers to 6yd trash containers
3. Reduced service frequency on the new 6yd containers, further reducing costs.

The end result? The portfolio saved the owner, $7543.00/ annually and increased its recycling levels to achieve sustainability goals.