SSG manages an open-air shopping destination that has been operating for over fifty years in the Carolinas. This popular property has grown from modest beginnings to a 100+ store retail juggernaut. Along with retail sales, the center’s waste and recycling program expanded until, one day, the management team took stock, and realized the program was out of balance with the property’s current footprint. That’s when they asked its business partner, SSG, for solutions.

The SSG (Sustainable Solutions Group) team camped out at the Center and studied the back-of-house operations and flow of materials. From there, SSG developed recommendations and worked with property team to execute a game plan, which was successfully implemented.]

Over the last twelve months, SSG reduced container coverage by 30%, improved service efficiency and the overall appearance of the property, and increased recycling levels across the board. This has resulted in less wear-and-tear on the service areas and improved the flow of deliveries to retailers.
And while the public may not notice the change, it’s just a small example of the attention to detail that SSG brings to its behind-the-scene efforts that allows SSG Clients and their retailers to focus on what they do best –provide a first-class shopping experience for their guests.